So if we say that we share in life with God, but we continue living in darkness, we are liars, who don’t follow the truth. 1 John 1:6 ERV
 A shared life is a life lived in sync with the One it’s shared, in this context God. The Light of God is the life of God. It’s the totality and fullness of God, because every other attribute of God is embedded in the Light of God. So in a sense the Light of God is what makes God who He is.
Our text addresses those who are intimately connected to, and are sharing the life of God. It reveals we cannot share the life of, be intimately connected to, or joined together with God and remain the same. Invariably all who’re intimately connected to God cannot continue to stumble around in the darkness of sin and satanic schemes, neither can others stumbling in such darkness thrive around them, because they have the life, power, victory, peace and joy of God in them. 
Beloved, you cannot have the Light of God in you and continue to live in sin. When you have the Light of God in you, you have His joy, peace, power, prosperity and victory. You cannot stumble in the darkness of sin, neither can those around you, because you are intimately connected to and have a shared life with God. Your shared life with God grants you access to everything He has, therefore you cannot lack anything good says the Psalmist (23:1; 34:10) nor be stopped by anything says Isaiah 40:4. 
Grace upon grace! 

*Team Treasure*