Those who serve me must follow me. My servants will be with me wherever I am.If people serve me, the Father will honor them”. John 12:26 GW To serve Jesus simply put is to be with Jesus where He was, where He  is and where He will be; to see, think, speak and act like Jesus! The servant of Jesus must follow Jesus wherever He is. Following Jesus means you’ll do the things Jesus does in the way or ways He does them! You’ll see things Jesus sees in the way He sees them; think about and analyse things in the same way that Jesus do think  and analyse them. This can only be possible when Jesus’ nature has been transferred to and formed in you, in other words when you have become transformed by Jesus’ nature! Jesus’ nature can only be formed in you or you become transformed by His nature after you have spent quality time with Him! Spending quality time with Jesus means you’re following Jesus wherever He is found!

He was first  found a manger depicting humility and lowliness! Every servant of His must be humble and low in spirit! Whoever humbles himself the lord exalts! Humility is the ONLY way up! Because Jesus humbled Himself, God highly exalted Him and gave Him a name above all names!

Jesus was next found on the streets as we heard Him declare “foxes have holes and birds have nests, but the Son of  Man have no where to lay His head, meaning He spent the best of His time and life on the streets evangelizing.

After the streets of Jerusalem, Jesus was found unfortunate though it may seem, but gloriously it was , at Calvary on the Cross. There He had to die His will, desires, and opinion. He had to sacrifice everything for the will of the Father. He called and is still calling His servants to lay down all their wills and ways for the Father’s! Though it wasn’t very easy and comfortable to Me He says, but He assures as I found it most rewarding and glorious even so much you! As the Father strengthened Me through an angel, I have given you more than an angel, the Holy Spirit to strengthen and enable you crucify your self, sin and will at the cross and leave them there crucified!

Hallelujah, Jesus didn’t end up on the cross nor in the grave.  He was buried signifying the disappearance of the old man, He also resurrected signifying the victory over sin, the grave and death! Every servant of Jesus must have victory over the world , flesh, sin and the grave! You cannot be His servant and still be under the control of the flesh, the world and sin. You must live victoriously, triumphantly and gloriously if you’re His servant indeed!