Dreams come from three main sources- God, devil and self. Of these three only one is certain sure and guaranteed: dreams that have its origin in God. God induced dreams could as well pass for visions, because they’re not mere dreams, but revelations of deep significance. God induced dreams are very important and vital for the well being, progress, success and prosperity of the dreamer. The absence of God induced dreams spells doom in an individual’s life because “where there is no dream [vision], the people perish”

God induced dreams are only available to those who have a relationship with Him, who remain in His presence. Outside His presence exists no God induced dream. Only obedience gives an individual access to His presence. This obedience must be complete and continuous for God induced dreams to keep coming and be fulfilled! A breach in the obedience off or terminates acceptance in His presence, which invariably translates to the termination and cessation or suspension of the dream!

God ordained dreams and visions must NOT be shared with every available person. It is meant for a select  few, therefore discretion must be applied in sharing it! It will certainly bring about hatred and more hatred! Dream hijackers and destroyers will readily be available to abort your God given dreams if you share it prematurely and their potentiality of  success is very high! Joseph shared his dreams prematurely and it brought him much hatred! But the good news is even though it brought him much envy and hatred  BUT the God who uses EVERYTHING that happens in the believers life for his good went to work and still brought out good out of it! No matter the mistake(s) you have made or will make God is still able and will certainly turn them into your good, says Romans8:28.

Dreams from God has to pass a period of time before it comes to maturation. Child of God learn to wait!!!! Joseph waited a very long time, your God given dreams may simply not seem to be working out, don’t despair, it will surely come to pass. Just wait for its appointed time! trials , challenges, etc will surely be encountered while pursuing your God given dreams, but God will always supply you with the strength to overcome and triumph in them. All you need is patience and continued obedience. Dream on Child of God!!!!