There is absolutely nothing that is or can be impossible to whoever that has faith! With your faith you can literally move mountains, scale through wall, receive miracles of all sorts, change destinies, transform lives, experience the manifestation of any conceivable dream and vision. You can bring into existence in-existent things, after all that’s what God does and called you also to do! By faith all that is in heaven can be yours; all that God has can actually be yours, you can experience heaven here on earth!

Health, wealth, strength, and victory are always available to whoever that has faith! Faith is a gift of God that can only be received by obedience to the Word. Of a truth, faith comes by the hearing of the Word of God; whoever every Word heard that lacks the accompanying obedience will be unproductive and useless to the hearer! The degree of faith a person has is not the most important thing, but what is done with the faith a person has! A faith a tiny as the mustard seed Jesus said will accomplish unimaginable great things!

Whatever is gotten by faith has also to be sustained by faith! You must keep believing to continue to experience the favors, mercies and goodness of God! Faith always runs contrary to human expectations and feelings! Faith always translates to foolishness before human wisdom and standard! However whoever has faith is always victorious and triumphant! Faith negates human expertise! It operates on the spoken Word, derives its power from obedience to the spoken Word!