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Let My People Go!

This is what the Lord God of Israel says, let my people go…. Exodus 5:1

Times and seasons are indespensible commodities in the Kingdom economy. They form part of , if not the most valuable and essential commodity in the Kingdom. This is so because God can do nothing out of season. He always have to wait for  the appointed time to act, and nothing happens until God does or sets them in motion!

Before Israel became slaves in Egypt, God had announced their years of slavery to Abraham and also their subsequent deliverance. When the apponted time and season for deliverance came, nothing could stop it. Prior to this time, every attempt, like we saw Moses doing, to free the Israelites proved abortive and a waste of resources.

In Exodus 5, because the appointed time had come, because it was their season for deliverance, God announced to Pharoah through Moses, ‘Let my people go…”!!!!!! That year was their year of release; it was a season for a new beginning and new things; The Lord had to annouce to Pharoah let my people go!  This year is the beginning of another season of great release, it is the beginning of a new thing in the spirit realm. Take this one clue, it is a simple arithmetic, add your age by your birthday this year to  the last two digits of the year you were born, whoever you are and whatever your age, your answer will be either 11 or 111. The implication of this is very simply. Everyone on earth is marching towards one eleven or another. Eleven is the the number of new beginning, both in the physical and spiritual realm.

Just like at the appointed time God annouced to Pharoah of old, let my people go, because their season arrived, God has annouced and is annoucing to every Pharoah in your life that had held you captive, all that had limited you from being all that God designed you to be; all that had withstood God’s purposes and plans for you; all that had stood against your loved ones; all that had made a dwarf of you in the spiritual and physical realm, all that had stood against your wealth and health,  “let my people go”!!!

You have a role to playand must have to play it, to experience this realization of this! You must believe the Lord and His servant bringing you the message of salvation, just like Israel; failure to do this will translate to not experiencing the salvation of the Lord. You must also keep believing even when the circumstances and situations around you seem to contradict the Word of the Lord and His promise to you, else you wont get to the Promised Land; you wont experience the salvation of the Lord!

It is your season, it is your time! Rise up child of God and believe the Word of the Lord and experience the goodness of the Lord today!


Dreams come from three main sources- God, devil and self. Of these three only one is certain sure and guaranteed: dreams that have its origin in God. God induced dreams could as well pass for visions, because they’re not mere dreams, but revelations of deep significance. God induced dreams are very important and vital for the well being, progress, success and prosperity of the dreamer. The absence of God induced dreams spells doom in an individual’s life because “where there is no dream [vision], the people perish”

God induced dreams are only available to those who have a relationship with Him, who remain in His presence. Outside His presence exists no God induced dream. Only obedience gives an individual access to His presence. This obedience must be complete and continuous for God induced dreams to keep coming and be fulfilled! A breach in the obedience off or terminates acceptance in His presence, which invariably translates to the termination and cessation or suspension of the dream!

God ordained dreams and visions must NOT be shared with every available person. It is meant for a select  few, therefore discretion must be applied in sharing it! It will certainly bring about hatred and more hatred! Dream hijackers and destroyers will readily be available to abort your God given dreams if you share it prematurely and their potentiality of  success is very high! Joseph shared his dreams prematurely and it brought him much hatred! But the good news is even though it brought him much envy and hatred  BUT the God who uses EVERYTHING that happens in the believers life for his good went to work and still brought out good out of it! No matter the mistake(s) you have made or will make God is still able and will certainly turn them into your good, says Romans8:28.

Dreams from God has to pass a period of time before it comes to maturation. Child of God learn to wait!!!! Joseph waited a very long time, your God given dreams may simply not seem to be working out, don’t despair, it will surely come to pass. Just wait for its appointed time! trials , challenges, etc will surely be encountered while pursuing your God given dreams, but God will always supply you with the strength to overcome and triumph in them. All you need is patience and continued obedience. Dream on Child of God!!!!

There is absolutely nothing that is or can be impossible to whoever that has faith! With your faith you can literally move mountains, scale through wall, receive miracles of all sorts, change destinies, transform lives, experience the manifestation of any conceivable dream and vision. You can bring into existence in-existent things, after all that’s what God does and called you also to do! By faith all that is in heaven can be yours; all that God has can actually be yours, you can experience heaven here on earth!

Health, wealth, strength, and victory are always available to whoever that has faith! Faith is a gift of God that can only be received by obedience to the Word. Of a truth, faith comes by the hearing of the Word of God; whoever every Word heard that lacks the accompanying obedience will be unproductive and useless to the hearer! The degree of faith a person has is not the most important thing, but what is done with the faith a person has! A faith a tiny as the mustard seed Jesus said will accomplish unimaginable great things!

Whatever is gotten by faith has also to be sustained by faith! You must keep believing to continue to experience the favors, mercies and goodness of God! Faith always runs contrary to human expectations and feelings! Faith always translates to foolishness before human wisdom and standard! However whoever has faith is always victorious and triumphant! Faith negates human expertise! It operates on the spoken Word, derives its power from obedience to the spoken Word!

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