My son if yo take my Words to heart and treasure my commands within you, if you pay close attention to wisdom and let your mind reach for understanding …then you wil understand the fear of the Lord Proverbs 2:1-5


Every effort of humankind can be classified into one level or form of quest for security or another. People seek economic, financial, marital, academic, social, food,or health security almost on a daily basis! Unfortunately this quest do prove abortive at one time or another which accounts for the loss of health and sometimes life, lost of investments, famine of food scarcity, marital or relationship breakdown etc. These are so because these efforts are human, and are bound to be unstable and fallible because humankind is unstable and undependable.

HOWEVER there is a security that is and will always remain stable, trusted,guaranteed and can be relied upon any moment any day! This security encompasses all other forms of security. It is a comprehensive security. It is none other than Divine Security! This is the security that comes from the Lord and none other.

From creation to date and till all eternity, the desire, will, plan and purpose of God for humankind has always been for humanity to be secured and experience all security! the fact that most people are either ignorant of this or are not experiencing it does not in any way change it! This truth is fixed and settled, and as many as are that are aware of it and desire it do experience it.

Wisdom simply means the understanding of the plans and purposes of God. This understanding when applied is the only thing that can give a guaranteed security to humankind. This operates in a chain: wisdom produces knowledge; knowledge produces understanding; understanding produces obedience and obedience produces Divine Security! Once the chain is broken at any point Divine Security is broken and lost!

The Scripture says the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord [reverential obedience to God]! Prov 1:7 . Through wisdom you get a knowledge of the mind of God, when know His mind, then you can understood it, with understanding you can give obedient action. it is your obedience that guarantees your security. Remember the obedience must not be selective BUT comprehensive!

You’re blessed and destined to be secure!