“All the nations of the earth will be blessed by your offspring” Genesis 22:18

Blessedness is synonymous with humanity or being human! The Scripture reveals that without humanity there won’t have been any need for blessings. It was only after the creation of humankind that God spoke the first blessing. The Scripture said “God blessed them and said Have Many children and grow in number.Fill the earth and be its Master. Rule over the fish in the sea and over the the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth” Genesis 1:28

This, which is theologically is regarded as the Adamic blessing has been the mother of all blessings, the first, the basic, the foundation of all blessings. There’s and have not been any other better than it. The gravity of this blessing provoked envy among the angels! It was so attractive that Lucifer could not contain it; so he set out to rob humankind of this blessing, which resulted to the Fall!

The Fall took humankind away from the channel of God’s blessings; it dislocated and dis-positioned him! Because God cannot exist without loving and because love naturally produces and bestows blessings, God went back to work, to bring back humankind to a bless-able state and position! There’s none other of the creations of God worthy of His blessings than humankind! This explains why God had to take the pain to send His Only Son Jesus Christ to ezarth to restore humankind to a bless-able state!

Every other blessing before the coming of Christ in the Scripture, was only an attempt to restore the Adamic blessing! Unfortunatetly, this restoration was never achieved until Christ! Even the Abrahamic blessing was a mere foreshadow of what Christ will do! This Seed referred to in the passage was simply Christ! it is only in Him, through Him and by Him, could and would the all the nations of the earth, the seed of Adam, be blessed! What humankind lost in the Garden of Eden, was restored in the Garden of Gethsemane; it was here that Christ decided fully to die a sacrificial death!

As many and only those who goes to the Cross of Calvary with Jesus by faith will have access to this restored Adamic blessings! You may not presently have evidence of the restored blessings, it does not negate the fact that once you’re in Christ, the Adamic blessings have been restored to you! Maybe ignorance and lack of Faith could be keeping you from your blessings! God has given you ALL that pertains to life and godliness! God has given you everything He owns! All His resources have been abundantly provided for you! Call them into existence by faith as God did according to Romans 4:16,17, where He calls things that are NOT in existence as though they do exist; Whether it is your marriage, children, business, finances, spirituality, salvation of a loved one, whatever it be! They’re all just under your nose as a child of the Kingdom!