Keep what is good and stay away from EVERYTHING that is evil. 1Thessalonians 5:21,22

God has given and keeps giving us good things. After  the creation He saw all that He has made and declared them very good!In the Garden of Eden, He gave Adam and Eve the GOOD gift of everything they needed. They lacked NOTHING good! Through His servant David He promised NO GOOD thing will He withhold from those who fear Him.  However we don’t always experience the GOOD He promised or has given. The devil robs us of it and takes it away. At the Garden, devil robbed Adam and Eve the GOOD relationship between them and God, the  environment, state of Divine provision and health! All that was associated with the Garden!

David had a good relationship with God and the devil came up with the case of Uriah to rob him of this GOOD relationship. Once there is any GOOD thing in your life, be prepared for the devil will always show up! He hates good things and CANNOT have them! He once tasted the goodness of God and lost it, therefore he doesn’t want any other being to experience or have it! Satan relentlessly fights against anything good! You must therefore hold fast, keep that which is good that you have! Devil may show up through people around you to challenge the good you have! They may criticize you as being too strict in order to destroy the good discipline you are inculcating into your children, the good of your morality and chastity could be sought to be destroyed  by calling you names, the GOOD use of your money and involvement in Church activities could be also be attacked!The good you have may be in helping others with your resources, it could be passion for the lost, it could as well be in the  intercessory ministry, they certainly will face some attempt to destroy them as long as they are good! No mater what, Keep the good you have! Don’t bulge an inch!

The good you have could be protected and kept safe only through one means- KEEP away from everything evil! Evil robs you of your divine intent! Everything God plans for you will be destroyed and denied you by evil! The blessings of a great spouse and good family will be destroyed by the evil of adultery, the blessings of prayer will be destroyed and denied you by sin! If you will NOT abstain from evil, if you won’t overcome it, then be rest assured that EVERY blessing that God has in store for you, ALL that He intends to do for you and has given you will be forever lost by you!

Are you hungering for the goodness of God, are you hungering for God’s blessings in your life, then ABSTAIN from evil, and be obedient to God’s commands, that’s the only way to keep the good He has given in your life and to  attract many more!