Have you ever wondered why many people will flock to some individuals and others people will even detest them?  Have you wonder why the Scripture said a time will come when 10 men will cling unto an Israeli, a Jew and insist to go with him wherever? Well if your guess was Influence, you guessed right!

Spiritual Israelites  are the sons and daughters of Abraham by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. These are endowed with the great potential of radically influencing their world and everything around them! Like Jesus has so great an influence over the world and will continue in the same till eternity, even so all God’s children by adoption should! However most of God’s children either do not have any influence or do not exercise it or still do not know about it.

Friend you can only transform the world through the power of the Holy Spirit latent in you. When this Power is released through Holy living , faithfulness and devotedness to God, greater things than Jesus did, will be done by the His disciples Jesus promised. When the power of the Holy Spirit is demonstrated, people will be attracted to the channel, when people are attracted to the channel, they will be directed to Jesus, when they’re directed to Jesus, needs and challenges will be met, when needs and challenges are met, salvation has come!!

What kind of influence are you, Positive or negative!?