Ever thought about this word! So little a word BUT means a lot! In relation to God it simply says  God will do whatever He has said HE WILL DO under whatever condition! In other words whatever he said, no matter what the circumstance may be, No matter how difficult it may seem, no matter how long it may seem to have taken, that which God has said He will do , He must surely do, because in Him there is NO VARIABLE, there’s no shadow of changing! Alleluia!

He told Paul, I will give you your life and that of those with you in this ship, that he simply did! He told Abraham, I’ll bring you descendants to this land, the land of Canaan to be their possessions, and after many long years that He also did! Even when they were headed for the promised land, the Red sea seemed a dead end, with the Egyptians army ragging behind them and the Red sea ragging before them, it seemed He had failed or will fail in  His faithfulness, BUT He proved everyone wrong and brought His people through it all, Alleluia!

Folks you may be facing a challenging situation that tends to prove the faithfulness of God unreliable, Let me assure you today, God WILL NEVER fail, He will FOREVER keep His word and His promises will surely come to pass! Trust Him and believe Him today!  The challenging situations you may be facing right now will only produce more degree of glory to Gos and deeper and richer blessings for you! Just hold on!