All things belong to God is the interpretation of the Scriptural statement “the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof…” King Solomon the wise echoed this same truth when he said, “thine is the glory, the splendor and the majesty.All things come from you ….” As if these were not enough, and to ensure no one misses out this fact, Jesus said, “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and every other thing will be added to you” This presupposes that once the Kingdom of God is found, EVERY OTHER thing in life is also found! It simply translates,  the Owner of the Kingdom owns every other thing, hence in His Kingdom they abound! Whoever finds the Kingdom has found EVERY other thing to be desired for in life! In other words get God on your side and EVERYTHING in heaven and on earth automatically becomes yours!

An age-long promise of God to his children has been “I am with you to keep you wherever you go… I will never leave you“[Genesis 28:15] God has proved Himself faithful to His Word! he goes with His people everywhere and never leaves nor abandons them! [Deuteronomy 31″6,8] To Joshua he said, “I will be with you, I will never leave you nor forsake you! [Joshua 1:5]. This was the secret behind Joshua’s success! Because God was with Him, because God owns EVERYTHING, then Joshua enjoyed EVERYTHING needful for success, therefore he succeed! This was true also of King Solomon, and it explains why he succeeded in the building of the Temple in Jerusalem! [1Chronicles 28:20]. God’s presence was also the secret behind Joseph’s success!  As a boy hated by his siblings, God was with him; as a slave in Egypt, God also was with him, even as a slave in Portipher’s house and in prison, God still remained with him! The presence of the Lord brought everything He EVER needed to be a success, spiritually and physically, therefore he not only succeeded, but everything that came into contact with him became successful!

It is not important where you may be or what you’re passing through! These things are irrelevant to what you’ll be as long as you have God on your side! Your greatness and success depends on having God on your side! Success is always guaranteed in any venture in life when you have God with you from the outset! This bothers around the fact that wherever he sends or leads, His presence is always there, and wherever His presence is, His grace always abounds; wherever His grace abounds, success is guaranteed! God will never send or lead you to where His presence and grace cannot go with you! WHEREVER His presence and grace leads, whatever task or challenges they bring, success is always guaranteed!

Nothing happens accidentally with God! Everything is always planned! Your present challenges, and obstacles, the seeming limitations and delays you’re experiencing are all significant to bringing you to where God wants you to be; and at the same time irrelevant as long as accomplishing what God has designed you to accomplish in life! The beasts that fastened themselves to you or even bite you CANNOT stop you! [Acts 28:5] You’ll simply be unstoppable! The expectations of the enemy cannot and will never be actualized about you! Whatever God has spoken concerning you, He sure will bring to pass, as long as His presence is still with you! His presence will continue to be with you, as long as you remain faithful and obedient to Him!