This is an Unlimited, undeserved Joy that can be experienced on earth! It is  Joy when normally and naturally a person should be weeping and sorrowing. Joy that comes with the knowledge of the Lord GOD Almighty. It is an act of obedience to the divine injunctions  “rejoice in the Lord always again I say rejoice”; “rejoice in every good thing  which the Lord has given you” Philippians 4:4; Deuteronomy 26″11. It is a joy that shows ones knowledge of help from God. One that sees God as his strength and shield. It is a joy that is independent of circumstances and situations! It is a joy that flows deep from the soul and spirit of an individual!  It’s experienced ONLY by those who realize how bad, vile, and sinful they are, and in-spite of it  God still searches for them and still helps them! It can ONLY come through the Word of God- preaching, hearing, receiving  and acting on it! See Nehemiah 8: 1-12; Luke 11:41-54.

This joy provokes unimaginable actions, inexplicable actions to the human mind! It comes out of an understanding of the Word of the Lord! It can be yours today!