Have you considered that no person is immune to anxiety in life? It is an inescapable part of living! Unfortunately, it has ruined and will continue to ruin many lives! What an individual does with anxiety spells that individual’s fate! Anxiety can tear you apart because it pulls you in many different directions at the same time.

The Spirit says through the Apostle Petercast all your cares upon Him, for He care s for you” [1Peter 5:7]. The same Spirit says through St. Paul “be anxious for nothing But….”[Philippians 4:6] Jesus Himself said in Matthew 6 do not worry about what you will eat or what you will wear….” All these prove that God is aware  that humans are prone to anxiety so He made adequate provisions for it! The salvation He offers through and in Christ Jesus is an all-inclusive salvation!

Ironically, most people spend the good part of their lives and others their entire live on earth as victims of anxiety! There is only one remedy or antidote to anxietyget free from it! Since anxiety is intertwined with life , then this can only be possible when you  “cast your cares upon the Lord”!

This means you take hold of your anxiety and hurl it onto the Lord! Grab it and hurl it onto the Lord! Don’t waste time on this! Don’t toss it around, nor pitch it! It is good for ONLY one thing, hurling it with all the strength you have! throw it as far away as possible fro you to the One who alone can shoulder it- the Lord Jesus Christ!

By hurling it unto the Lord you are declaring “I have confidence  that God has the ability to take care of things far better than I do; His care far exceeds whatever I can do”.

You do this by changing your focus from caring about yourself to realizing He cares for you far better than you can. He does a far better job than you possibly can! When you’re able to declare “Jesus cares for me“and mean it, you’ll always hurl your cares to HIM! You’ll see the cords of anxiety snap which will cause you to experience peace and enjoy a liberated life!