I saw that it was all overgrown with thistles. The ground was covered with weeds, and its stone fence was torn down! [Proverbs 24:31. GW]

The vineyard represented the Jewish life in its entirety! It represented their means of livelihood! A good vineyard means a good harvest and a good living. The opposite is also true! The vine is very attractive to animals like the fox! It is a delicacy these animals enjoy having! However their enjoyment translates to ruins to the farmer! To keep them away, stone fences are built by the farmer for protect and secure the vine, his means of livelihood. This is important because the vine produces the wine which gladdens the hearts of men and kings, and brings prosperity to the owner!

The foxes are not the only threat the vine or vineyard faces! Weeds are another source of serious danger, because the vine like most crops is unresistant to weeds! The weeds both reduces productivity and in some cases even stifle out life from the vine! So the farmer must not be lazy or without sense as both will be disastrous!

Laziness and senselessness (lack of knowledge) will result in the field being filled with thistles and the ground covered with weeds (Proverbs 24:30, 31)! Laziness will make the farmer to keep procrastinating giving attention to the field, whereas senselessness will result in not knowing the very fatal effects of the overgrown bushes and thistles on the yield!

The stone fences meant to keep the foxes and other animals away won’t succeed in doing this, because it is all broken down! Again we see laziness at play, as this fence never did get all broken down in a day! It kept falling off one stone after the other, and the lazy person keeps saying “I will mend the fence”!, but ends up never doing it; until it completely becomes nonexistent or collapses! One last hope of getting any harvest, is also lost! Any vine that survived the onslaught of the thistles and weeds, is finally devoured by the foxes! What a pitiable sight and state! Poverty sets in simply because of laziness –  just a little sleep, just a little slumber, just a little nap, just a little folding of hands! What a great wreckage done by just a little!

Child of God, the vineyard represents your life and your relationship with God! You are the farmer! Have you allowed yourself to become lazy and senseless? Have you allowed your vineyard [your life] to be filled with thistles and the enemy’s weeds? Have you allowed your stone fences to collapse? Have you given your whole life-labor to feed the foxes and to be devoured by them?

What over-grown thistles and weeds are you allowing in your life? Will you not root them out instantly? Will you allow them to compete with your vine?  Will you not get rid of them before the roots spread and it will be almost impossible to do so and the consequences multiple? Why let your fence down, why lower the standard? Will you not arise and pick up the fallen stones and put them back in place? Will you not cease from being senseless and lazy? Will you not stop the just a little sleep, just a little nap and just a little slumber syndrome and wake up from the dead so that Christ will shine on you (Proverbs24:33)? Will you not awake and escape from poverty that is looming over you and lurking at your door ( Proverbs 24: 34)?