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This is an Unlimited, undeserved Joy that can be experienced on earth! It is  Joy when normally and naturally a person should be weeping and sorrowing. Joy that comes with the knowledge of the Lord GOD Almighty. It is an act of obedience to the divine injunctions  “rejoice in the Lord always again I say rejoice”; “rejoice in every good thing  which the Lord has given you” Philippians 4:4; Deuteronomy 26″11. It is a joy that shows ones knowledge of help from God. One that sees God as his strength and shield. It is a joy that is independent of circumstances and situations! It is a joy that flows deep from the soul and spirit of an individual!  It’s experienced ONLY by those who realize how bad, vile, and sinful they are, and in-spite of it  God still searches for them and still helps them! It can ONLY come through the Word of God- preaching, hearing, receiving  and acting on it! See Nehemiah 8: 1-12; Luke 11:41-54.

This joy provokes unimaginable actions, inexplicable actions to the human mind! It comes out of an understanding of the Word of the Lord! It can be yours today!


Anxiety and You

Have you considered that no person is immune to anxiety in life? It is an inescapable part of living! Unfortunately, it has ruined and will continue to ruin many lives! What an individual does with anxiety spells that individual’s fate! Anxiety can tear you apart because it pulls you in many different directions at the same time.

The Spirit says through the Apostle Petercast all your cares upon Him, for He care s for you” [1Peter 5:7]. The same Spirit says through St. Paul “be anxious for nothing But….”[Philippians 4:6] Jesus Himself said in Matthew 6 do not worry about what you will eat or what you will wear….” All these prove that God is aware  that humans are prone to anxiety so He made adequate provisions for it! The salvation He offers through and in Christ Jesus is an all-inclusive salvation!

Ironically, most people spend the good part of their lives and others their entire live on earth as victims of anxiety! There is only one remedy or antidote to anxietyget free from it! Since anxiety is intertwined with life , then this can only be possible when you  “cast your cares upon the Lord”!

This means you take hold of your anxiety and hurl it onto the Lord! Grab it and hurl it onto the Lord! Don’t waste time on this! Don’t toss it around, nor pitch it! It is good for ONLY one thing, hurling it with all the strength you have! throw it as far away as possible fro you to the One who alone can shoulder it- the Lord Jesus Christ!

By hurling it unto the Lord you are declaring “I have confidence  that God has the ability to take care of things far better than I do; His care far exceeds whatever I can do”.

You do this by changing your focus from caring about yourself to realizing He cares for you far better than you can. He does a far better job than you possibly can! When you’re able to declare “Jesus cares for me“and mean it, you’ll always hurl your cares to HIM! You’ll see the cords of anxiety snap which will cause you to experience peace and enjoy a liberated life!

Times and Seasons

Times and Seasons are destiny denominators says the preacher, because the understanding of time determines the response an individual will give to it; and the response an individual gives to Times and Seasons distinguishes between success and failure, greatness and mediocrity, masters and servants etc. Times and seasons shapes destinies! Unfortunately certain times and seasons unlike summer and winter do not have a repetition in a life time! The Prophetic Day 10:10:10 [October 10, 2010] is just one of such once in a life time event! This by the way falls within the Feast of Tabernacles!

Ten is a Divine number, signifying perfection, a state in which nothing more could be added! It is a number signifying completeness! The judgment on Egypt, the plague was ten in number; the commandments given to Moses at Sinai was ten in number, the Virgins awaiting the Bridegroom in the parable were ten in number, the Holy Spirit come on the tenth day after the Ascension etc.

On this Prophetic Day,which is a millennial gate, you must arise and re-write Every satanic decrees that has been made against you and your loved ones who are in the Lord! You must proclaim a reversal of fortune and divine replacement, you must proclaim a cessation of every negative cycle in your life, must must reverse every illegitimate decrees over your life, loved ones, city and nation; you must cry out for restoration of all that the enemy have stolen from you, your loved ones, city and nation! You must get ready and experience a Divine encounter that will be likened to none in your whole life!

There definitely a certainly will be a mighty divine visitation during the tenth hour on this day! Whether your go by the Jewish tenth hour or 10am or 10 pm by your local time, there certainly will be a divine visitation. It simply cannot pass you by. There certainly cannot be any to compare with it in your entire life.  It is a time to experience a demonstration of Supernatural signs and wonders, a time for God to set confusion in the camp of  the enemy; a time for the liberation of your loved ones in captive of the mighty; a time for veils that hinder full access to God  to be torn; a time to break every satanic barriers, a time to proclaim that unbeliever will recognize the Lordship of Jesus!

This time simply cannot pass you by! rise up child of God enter His courts now with praise! It is time! Stop reading this right away and take some action! Praise Yourself Out and In! It is your time, it is your turn, it is your season! It doesn’t matter who you are , or where you are, It is YOUR time and YOUR season!!!

The Stone Fence

I saw that it was all overgrown with thistles. The ground was covered with weeds, and its stone fence was torn down! [Proverbs 24:31. GW]

The vineyard represented the Jewish life in its entirety! It represented their means of livelihood! A good vineyard means a good harvest and a good living. The opposite is also true! The vine is very attractive to animals like the fox! It is a delicacy these animals enjoy having! However their enjoyment translates to ruins to the farmer! To keep them away, stone fences are built by the farmer for protect and secure the vine, his means of livelihood. This is important because the vine produces the wine which gladdens the hearts of men and kings, and brings prosperity to the owner!

The foxes are not the only threat the vine or vineyard faces! Weeds are another source of serious danger, because the vine like most crops is unresistant to weeds! The weeds both reduces productivity and in some cases even stifle out life from the vine! So the farmer must not be lazy or without sense as both will be disastrous!

Laziness and senselessness (lack of knowledge) will result in the field being filled with thistles and the ground covered with weeds (Proverbs 24:30, 31)! Laziness will make the farmer to keep procrastinating giving attention to the field, whereas senselessness will result in not knowing the very fatal effects of the overgrown bushes and thistles on the yield!

The stone fences meant to keep the foxes and other animals away won’t succeed in doing this, because it is all broken down! Again we see laziness at play, as this fence never did get all broken down in a day! It kept falling off one stone after the other, and the lazy person keeps saying “I will mend the fence”!, but ends up never doing it; until it completely becomes nonexistent or collapses! One last hope of getting any harvest, is also lost! Any vine that survived the onslaught of the thistles and weeds, is finally devoured by the foxes! What a pitiable sight and state! Poverty sets in simply because of laziness –  just a little sleep, just a little slumber, just a little nap, just a little folding of hands! What a great wreckage done by just a little!

Child of God, the vineyard represents your life and your relationship with God! You are the farmer! Have you allowed yourself to become lazy and senseless? Have you allowed your vineyard [your life] to be filled with thistles and the enemy’s weeds? Have you allowed your stone fences to collapse? Have you given your whole life-labor to feed the foxes and to be devoured by them?

What over-grown thistles and weeds are you allowing in your life? Will you not root them out instantly? Will you allow them to compete with your vine?  Will you not get rid of them before the roots spread and it will be almost impossible to do so and the consequences multiple? Why let your fence down, why lower the standard? Will you not arise and pick up the fallen stones and put them back in place? Will you not cease from being senseless and lazy? Will you not stop the just a little sleep, just a little nap and just a little slumber syndrome and wake up from the dead so that Christ will shine on you (Proverbs24:33)? Will you not awake and escape from poverty that is looming over you and lurking at your door ( Proverbs 24: 34)?

The Life of Faith

Naturally, no one will believe the existence of things not seen! However the believer has been called to a life of believing in the existence of things not seen. This is a very difficult task ! To worsen the case, the Scripture says it is impossible to please God without faith”! What does a believer have and what is he living for if he cannot and does not please God? This is where the life of faith comes into play! “Faith assures us of things we expect and convinces us of the existence of things we cannot see”[ Hebrews 11:1 God’s Word].Faith is the stepping stone and springboard to pleasing God!

The above Scripture then implies that the life of faith is living with an assurance that what we expect we already have, and with the conviction that although we don’t see what we have been assured that we have, yet we behave just as if we already do have it in our hands, simply because the Scriptures says that [Heb. 11:1]! Jesus said whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have it and you will have it! This implies faith precedes experience!

The life of faith is obeying God’s directives, even when they seem naturally and logically unrealistic and foolish! It is patiently waiting for, on and in God without wavering or doubting until whatever He has promised is experienced [Hebrews 11: 8-9]. It is doing what you just simply can’t, only because He ordered it; like in the case of Peter stepping out of the boat on the waters, or the paralytic rising up and taking his bed to walk, or like the cripple at the Beautiful Gate in Acts of the Apostles rising up to walk at the command of Peter! See Mark 2:11,12;

The life of faith is not allowing anything to stand on your way of reaching or getting in touch with Jesus; it is overcoming every obstacle on your way to making a contact with Jesus and hearing His  Word. It is triumphing over everything that will keep you from presenting yourself in His presence for a present [ Mark 2:2-4], because once a contact is made with Him, your story will never remains the same! Do you Remember the woman with the issue of blood?

The life of faith is giving no regard to your life ; not fearing any other one than Him! It is obeying Him even at the presence of impending loss of your life [Daniel 16;10]. It is being moved and ruled by nothing else than but His Word. It is provoking Him to answer you or respond to your daring moves by “awesome deeds of righteousness”

It is provoking Him to still the noise of the seas, the noise of their waves; to shut the mouth of the lions and to still the tumult of the people by your obedience. There is absolutely nothing that will be impossible for you when you live by faith! He has given you everything on earth!. He has made them all available to you: good health, financial abundance, peace, academic excellence, victory over sin, the world and the devil, all that pertains to life and godliness, are all available to you, just by faith!

This is the life He planned and designed for you! Anything less than this is unideal, unacceptable, and below expectation! Will you rise up today child of God to experience the kind of life He planned for you? Will you rise up today and maximize your potentials! Nothing, absolutely nothing which He has offered in His Word, will be impossible to you if you believe!

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