I gave her grain, new wine and oil, and multiplied her silver and gold….wool and linen. Hosea 2:8,9

Take a look around you, what do you see? No matter where you maybe at this very moment, you’ll definitely discover the gifts of God around you. No matter the state you may find yourself , even if you  think you’re the poorest person on earth, around you are strewn the various gifts and blessings of God!

You don’t need to be a believer in God to see and enjoy these resources to an extent! He gives certain of His blessings to both the good and the bad, the believer and unbeliever alike. However, some are the sole reserve of His beloved children – His obedient children of Course!

There is usually what I’ve chosen to call a “window period” with God! The book of Acts calls it “the time of ignorance” (17:30); the epistle to the Romans calls it “the period of grace” (6:1), but 2 Corinthians calls it “the acceptable time” (6:2). Whichever you are more comfortable with, they’re simply one and same! It is that period in which God allows you enjoy His very rich provisions regardless of  how you choose to live your life and your relationship with Him! It is the period in which He patiently appeals to us and waits for us to repent of our sinful ways. A period he says “put away your harlotries from your sight, least I strip you naked and expose you and set you like a dry land” Hosea 2: 2,3.

Once this period passes by what very naturally follows is judgment! In the context above, Gomer ignorant of the Source of all the good things she were enjoying- grain, wine, oil, wool, linen, silver and gold, attributed them to Baal. This was a true picture of the state of Israel, represented by the harlot Gomer; The Prophet Hosea represented God! The same is true of  every disobedient person on earth especially those that had established a relationship with God!

God has given us everything we have,beauty, intelligence, health, wealth, and strength, our whole live inclusive! Unfortunately, most people ignorantly do attribute these either to themselves or the devil. Therefore they choose to live their lives as if God does not exist! Some even choose to worship self or the devil with the resources that God has given! What an affront on God!

Friend, what’s your understanding of the gifts and resources available to you? The things you feel you have accomplished, who do you think really gave them to you? It’s not just okay to very quickly respond God!, does your attitude to these things really reflect you truly do know He is the source? Do you very truly acknowledge God as the Source of everything you have in life? Do you believe they were simply His grace gifts and that you never really did merit or earn them!

You have whatever you have in life, you accomplished whatever you’ve been able to, purely our of share grace! You may not have made the best result among your peers, nor be the most charming and beautiful. Even if you are, where did that beauty or intelligence come from, was it your own making? You may not have been the most industrious among your peers but you may have the largest empire! This again is an act of His grace!

Why has He chosen to do all these! To get you to serve him and life for him. To make you a channel of blessing to others! But you have consistently ignored his wooing of your soul! You’ve consistently chosen to live in defiance of God! You continued to live in rebellion to God and in your harlotries! Listen to God:

I will hedge up [your] way with thorns and and wall [you] in, so that [you] cannot find [your] paths, [you] will chase [your] lovers but not overtake them, [you] will seek them but not find them, I will also cause [your] mirth to cease, [your] feast days [your] new moons and [your] sabbath, and I will destroy all [your] vines and [your] fig trees… and make them a forest! Hosea 2: 6, 9-12.

Oh what a terrible state! Child of God you can escape this! Yes you can! He doesn’t delight in doing this But His righteousness and love demands He just have to do it. He has given you a way of escape and you have the choice of using it to your advantage or neglecting it to your own detriment! repent today the Lord says to you. The axe is already set to cut down the tree, But you can change the trend of events! Luke 3:8.