Miracles bring immeasurable glory to God; therefore He delights in doing them because He CANNOT do without receiving glory! However as much as He delights in doing them, most of His children are never ready for them, so the time for the miracles often come and pass them-by. This translates to the reception of less glory!

There’s no single second that passes in your life that He doesn’t have one miracle or another to perform for you. Tody and even now is another opportunity to experience these miracles, will you believe Him? He delights to do them MORE than you even do desire them! Put forth the hand of faith and recieve them Now!

It doesn’t matter how long the situation may have llingered, its not even important what the experts may have told you. There’s just one report you need to believe, and thats the report of the Lord! His report says you’re healed, His report says it is done, His report says you’re victorious! Believe Him now for He ca never lie nor fail nor change!