I urge you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sarifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship! Romans 12:1 NASB

The Making of sacrifices is an inevitable part of worship which in turn is an expression of love! Love must find an expression through sacrifices or else it ceases to be love! The Old Testament Church life was filled with this, which explains the incessant sacrifices of animals in their worship experience. These sacrifices once made are never to be taken back! They belong whole and entire to God! His fire in most cases has to devour and consume them! Or they’re burnt by fire!

The value and worth of a sacrifice is in its cost! David understood this when he said “I will not offer God that which costs me nothing” [2 Samuel 24:24]! An acceptable sacrifice must be the best and second to none; otherwise it won’t be accepted! This explains the rejection of Cain’s offering in Genesis 4:5. This explains the explicit injuctions not to bring any animal with blemish, spot or deformity to the altar! It must always be the best or none at all!

God who set this principle practiced it when He had an opportunity of making a sacrifice! He gave His best, His only begotten Son Jesus Christ in order to express love to the world [John 3″16]! By this he made the principle of sacrifing the best as a timeless and ageless pattern of expressing love! When God made His sacrifice of His Son, there were situations and times He was as it were tempted to take His Son back, But He never did! He gave Him up for you and me!

The Spirit of God calls on all believers through the Apostle Paul to offer themselves – body, spirit and soul to God as a living sacrifice!  A sacrifice that will never be taken back! This sacrifice is living which implies that total control has been given to God. He is the Director, Nothing can be done except by His direction! Everything must be done according to His dictates!

We do however face the temptation of withdrawing our sacrifices from the altar! Often, we not only face the temptation, but we actually do give in to it! We refuse/deny Him the absolute control He deserves! A sacrifice is dead to its own choice and will! How ironical, supposedly living sacrifices still do have their own will.

Child of God, will you let go today and let God take full control?  Will you surrender everything to Him today and let Him be the Umpire? Your love to Him will remain partial if you do not do so! Moreso, the value of your love is measured by the degree of your sacrifice to Him! What kind of love do you have for the Lord! He gave you His best, will you give Him anything less than that?