Does an axe exalt itself above the person who chops with it? does a saw magnify itself above the one who saws with it? as is a staff couldwave those who lift it! As if a rod could lift what isn’t wood! Isaiah 10:15 HCSB

Everyone in life has some level or degree of glory. Everything we accomplish has a glory attached to it. One of the following things can always be done with this glory – it can be given completely to another, shared with another or completely enjoyed by the individual. All these options are good but in the midst of many good things, a wise action has always been and will remain, to go for the best! The question now is which of these options is the best?

Humankind was created and exists only to bring glory to God; thats the whole duty of mankind! This simply translates  “the best option is to give this glory completely to Another”! This Another is no other than the Lord Jesus Christ! Everything we have in life belongs to Him. He owns us and our life therefore He also owns every glory that comes out of our life. We simply cannot do anything less alone accomplish anything without Him! We owe Him our lives, knowledge, strenght, health and wealth! We owe Him everything. Like King Solomon said “all things comes from you” or like King David said “the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and all they that dwells therein”!

All these not withstanding, we all do face the temptation to assert our own independence. We desire to give ourslves the glory. Like the axe, we all do wish to exalt ourselves and praise ourselves for our great accomplishments, without regards to the One who is using us to accomplish the feat! We all do seek to magnify ourselves like the saw above the One who saws with us! Oh what an irony! What a pitiable state!

You may think this is what unbelievers do! Let me quickly remind you that you’re very wrong. Search your mind right now and see if you’re not facing this challenge! If you deny it, it simply means you’re not being sincere enough!  We always do face the temptation  and many often fall into it, of taking the credit that is due for God! We often face the temptation to take credit for what God does!

Assyria faced this dilema and fell into it. they forgot they were a very insignificant and weak nation before the Lord took them and made them an instrument to punish his people Israel. Unfortunately, the more the Lord used her, the more they took away the glory that was due Him! Can you see yourself in Assyria.? Do you identify with them? Can you recollect how insignificantly weak you were before the Lord picked you up and began to use you?

You may