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He Has Given You Everything!

I gave her grain, new wine and oil, and multiplied her silver and gold….wool and linen. Hosea 2:8,9

Take a look around you, what do you see? No matter where you maybe at this very moment, you’ll definitely discover the gifts of God around you. No matter the state you may find yourself , even if you  think you’re the poorest person on earth, around you are strewn the various gifts and blessings of God!

You don’t need to be a believer in God to see and enjoy these resources to an extent! He gives certain of His blessings to both the good and the bad, the believer and unbeliever alike. However, some are the sole reserve of His beloved children – His obedient children of Course!

There is usually what I’ve chosen to call a “window period” with God! The book of Acts calls it “the time of ignorance” (17:30); the epistle to the Romans calls it “the period of grace” (6:1), but 2 Corinthians calls it “the acceptable time” (6:2). Whichever you are more comfortable with, they’re simply one and same! It is that period in which God allows you enjoy His very rich provisions regardless of  how you choose to live your life and your relationship with Him! It is the period in which He patiently appeals to us and waits for us to repent of our sinful ways. A period he says “put away your harlotries from your sight, least I strip you naked and expose you and set you like a dry land” Hosea 2: 2,3.

Once this period passes by what very naturally follows is judgment! In the context above, Gomer ignorant of the Source of all the good things she were enjoying- grain, wine, oil, wool, linen, silver and gold, attributed them to Baal. This was a true picture of the state of Israel, represented by the harlot Gomer; The Prophet Hosea represented God! The same is true of  every disobedient person on earth especially those that had established a relationship with God!

God has given us everything we have,beauty, intelligence, health, wealth, and strength, our whole live inclusive! Unfortunately, most people ignorantly do attribute these either to themselves or the devil. Therefore they choose to live their lives as if God does not exist! Some even choose to worship self or the devil with the resources that God has given! What an affront on God!

Friend, what’s your understanding of the gifts and resources available to you? The things you feel you have accomplished, who do you think really gave them to you? It’s not just okay to very quickly respond God!, does your attitude to these things really reflect you truly do know He is the source? Do you very truly acknowledge God as the Source of everything you have in life? Do you believe they were simply His grace gifts and that you never really did merit or earn them!

You have whatever you have in life, you accomplished whatever you’ve been able to, purely our of share grace! You may not have made the best result among your peers, nor be the most charming and beautiful. Even if you are, where did that beauty or intelligence come from, was it your own making? You may not have been the most industrious among your peers but you may have the largest empire! This again is an act of His grace!

Why has He chosen to do all these! To get you to serve him and life for him. To make you a channel of blessing to others! But you have consistently ignored his wooing of your soul! You’ve consistently chosen to live in defiance of God! You continued to live in rebellion to God and in your harlotries! Listen to God:

I will hedge up [your] way with thorns and and wall [you] in, so that [you] cannot find [your] paths, [you] will chase [your] lovers but not overtake them, [you] will seek them but not find them, I will also cause [your] mirth to cease, [your] feast days [your] new moons and [your] sabbath, and I will destroy all [your] vines and [your] fig trees… and make them a forest! Hosea 2: 6, 9-12.

Oh what a terrible state! Child of God you can escape this! Yes you can! He doesn’t delight in doing this But His righteousness and love demands He just have to do it. He has given you a way of escape and you have the choice of using it to your advantage or neglecting it to your own detriment! repent today the Lord says to you. The axe is already set to cut down the tree, But you can change the trend of events! Luke 3:8.

A Miracle is Coming Your Way!

Miracles bring immeasurable glory to God; therefore He delights in doing them because He CANNOT do without receiving glory! However as much as He delights in doing them, most of His children are never ready for them, so the time for the miracles often come and pass them-by. This translates to the reception of less glory!

There’s no single second that passes in your life that He doesn’t have one miracle or another to perform for you. Tody and even now is another opportunity to experience these miracles, will you believe Him? He delights to do them MORE than you even do desire them! Put forth the hand of faith and recieve them Now!

It doesn’t matter how long the situation may have llingered, its not even important what the experts may have told you. There’s just one report you need to believe, and thats the report of the Lord! His report says you’re healed, His report says it is done, His report says you’re victorious! Believe Him now for He ca never lie nor fail nor change!

A Living Sacrifice

I urge you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sarifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship! Romans 12:1 NASB

The Making of sacrifices is an inevitable part of worship which in turn is an expression of love! Love must find an expression through sacrifices or else it ceases to be love! The Old Testament Church life was filled with this, which explains the incessant sacrifices of animals in their worship experience. These sacrifices once made are never to be taken back! They belong whole and entire to God! His fire in most cases has to devour and consume them! Or they’re burnt by fire!

The value and worth of a sacrifice is in its cost! David understood this when he said “I will not offer God that which costs me nothing” [2 Samuel 24:24]! An acceptable sacrifice must be the best and second to none; otherwise it won’t be accepted! This explains the rejection of Cain’s offering in Genesis 4:5. This explains the explicit injuctions not to bring any animal with blemish, spot or deformity to the altar! It must always be the best or none at all!

God who set this principle practiced it when He had an opportunity of making a sacrifice! He gave His best, His only begotten Son Jesus Christ in order to express love to the world [John 3″16]! By this he made the principle of sacrifing the best as a timeless and ageless pattern of expressing love! When God made His sacrifice of His Son, there were situations and times He was as it were tempted to take His Son back, But He never did! He gave Him up for you and me!

The Spirit of God calls on all believers through the Apostle Paul to offer themselves – body, spirit and soul to God as a living sacrifice!  A sacrifice that will never be taken back! This sacrifice is living which implies that total control has been given to God. He is the Director, Nothing can be done except by His direction! Everything must be done according to His dictates!

We do however face the temptation of withdrawing our sacrifices from the altar! Often, we not only face the temptation, but we actually do give in to it! We refuse/deny Him the absolute control He deserves! A sacrifice is dead to its own choice and will! How ironical, supposedly living sacrifices still do have their own will.

Child of God, will you let go today and let God take full control?  Will you surrender everything to Him today and let Him be the Umpire? Your love to Him will remain partial if you do not do so! Moreso, the value of your love is measured by the degree of your sacrifice to Him! What kind of love do you have for the Lord! He gave you His best, will you give Him anything less than that?

Who is Receiving the Glory

Does an axe exalt itself above the person who chops with it? does a saw magnify itself above the one who saws with it? as is a staff couldwave those who lift it! As if a rod could lift what isn’t wood! Isaiah 10:15 HCSB

Everyone in life has some level or degree of glory. Everything we accomplish has a glory attached to it. One of the following things can always be done with this glory – it can be given completely to another, shared with another or completely enjoyed by the individual. All these options are good but in the midst of many good things, a wise action has always been and will remain, to go for the best! The question now is which of these options is the best?

Humankind was created and exists only to bring glory to God; thats the whole duty of mankind! This simply translates  “the best option is to give this glory completely to Another”! This Another is no other than the Lord Jesus Christ! Everything we have in life belongs to Him. He owns us and our life therefore He also owns every glory that comes out of our life. We simply cannot do anything less alone accomplish anything without Him! We owe Him our lives, knowledge, strenght, health and wealth! We owe Him everything. Like King Solomon said “all things comes from you” or like King David said “the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and all they that dwells therein”!

All these not withstanding, we all do face the temptation to assert our own independence. We desire to give ourslves the glory. Like the axe, we all do wish to exalt ourselves and praise ourselves for our great accomplishments, without regards to the One who is using us to accomplish the feat! We all do seek to magnify ourselves like the saw above the One who saws with us! Oh what an irony! What a pitiable state!

You may think this is what unbelievers do! Let me quickly remind you that you’re very wrong. Search your mind right now and see if you’re not facing this challenge! If you deny it, it simply means you’re not being sincere enough!  We always do face the temptation  and many often fall into it, of taking the credit that is due for God! We often face the temptation to take credit for what God does!

Assyria faced this dilema and fell into it. they forgot they were a very insignificant and weak nation before the Lord took them and made them an instrument to punish his people Israel. Unfortunately, the more the Lord used her, the more they took away the glory that was due Him! Can you see yourself in Assyria.? Do you identify with them? Can you recollect how insignificantly weak you were before the Lord picked you up and began to use you?

You may

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