Sin is cancerous. it destroys whatever it gets in contact with. It destroyed Adam and Eve preventing them from attaining the perfection God designed for them. It kept Israel away from becoming the  devoted, dedicated and distinguished people that God meant them to be. Today it is still preventing men from becoming the Royal Priest and Chosen Generation God destined them to be! Even some who have entered the family of God are still being prevented from being all that God wants them to be as a result of sin.

The battle against sin is real. No one can be victorious in this battle on his own. Sin has continued to reign for almost as human mind can recall. However this situation is not irreversible. This reign has actually been brought to an end. It has expired. The sting of sin, Its greatest arsenal, its greatest punishment is death- both physically and otherwise. It is ironically also its undoing; because It certainly cannot reign or exercise control over the dead.   

The Lord Jesus died on behalf of all. He died the death that sin imposed on us. He took our place on Calvary’s cross. His death brought us victory. We can now in Him triumph over sin. We can bring to an end the evil and wicked tyranny of sin over us by dying in Him!

As many as do believe in Jesus with all their heart experiences victory over sin. All the children of God like Jesus have victory of sin. Since they died in Him, sin cannot have any dominion over them anymore. As many as do lay there lives on the altar, do recieve the life of Christ in exchange. Will you lay yours down and keep it down?