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The Cost of Discipleship

We cannot escape bearing yoke/burden at any point in time in our lives! We were created to bear burdens/yokes and we must always bear it! The important question however is, “Whose yoke/burden are you bearing – Christ’s, the world’s or satan’s? At every point in our lives, we must be bearing one of these yokes/burdens!

A disciple is a follower, a student of a teacher. What then does it cost be a disciple, a student, a follower of Christ? What does it take to be like Him? How can we become like Him?

The first step the Lord says is to come to Me! Leave off your comfort zone, leave -off your state, your frustrations and failures, leave off the shallow waters of your sinful habit and enviroment and come to Jesus. It means to carry all the worries and labors and bring them to Jesus. Jesus says because you cannot bear them, you must therefore “cast all your cares and burdens upon [Me]”! (1 Peter 5:7).

It doesn’t really matter how heavy and burdensome your worries, your yoke may be. It doesn’t even matter how light it may be too. It doesn’t even matter how long you may have borne this load, the Master is saying today Cast all of them on Me for My shoulders are built to shoulder such loads! I Am made to be your Burden bearer, but I cannot do it until you bring them to Me!

When you come with all your very heavy cares/burdens, you trade them with Jesus’ yoke; “Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me” Jesus said “and you will find rest” (Matthew 11: 29). Jesus is simply saying: When you bring your yokes/burdens to me, I’ll take them away and give you Mine. I’ll then TEACH yo how to bear this My very easy yoke and light burden of mine which you had been dreading before now, and you will cease from your stuggles, and experience rest!.

How come Jesus’ yoke will spell REST! Very simply, Jesus is gentle and lowly in heart and His yoke is easy and His burden light! Since you must bear a yoke/burden all the time, then you had better be very selective about it. You had better look for an easy and light one to bear! There’s none other better than Jesus’ yoke and burden!

The cost of discipleship the Lord says is to give up what is yours and trade it with Mine! This might not look very good and attractive to you, you may not even like it; but you must trade it with Mine, says Jesus if you desire to know peace and have rest!

All we have are sorrows and woes! Jesus is calling out to you to trade them for the joy of the Lord, the joy of salvation! Will you obey this call today? The opportunty may pass by, the trading may come to an end, will you make a haste while there is still a chance?


Sin is cancerous. it destroys whatever it gets in contact with. It destroyed Adam and Eve preventing them from attaining the perfection God designed for them. It kept Israel away from becoming the  devoted, dedicated and distinguished people that God meant them to be. Today it is still preventing men from becoming the Royal Priest and Chosen Generation God destined them to be! Even some who have entered the family of God are still being prevented from being all that God wants them to be as a result of sin.

The battle against sin is real. No one can be victorious in this battle on his own. Sin has continued to reign for almost as human mind can recall. However this situation is not irreversible. This reign has actually been brought to an end. It has expired. The sting of sin, Its greatest arsenal, its greatest punishment is death- both physically and otherwise. It is ironically also its undoing; because It certainly cannot reign or exercise control over the dead.   

The Lord Jesus died on behalf of all. He died the death that sin imposed on us. He took our place on Calvary’s cross. His death brought us victory. We can now in Him triumph over sin. We can bring to an end the evil and wicked tyranny of sin over us by dying in Him!

As many as do believe in Jesus with all their heart experiences victory over sin. All the children of God like Jesus have victory of sin. Since they died in Him, sin cannot have any dominion over them anymore. As many as do lay there lives on the altar, do recieve the life of Christ in exchange. Will you lay yours down and keep it down?

Your case is already settled in Heaven. God has decided to moive you to the next level of your relationship with Him. He has also decided to move you to a new level of blessings. All you have experienced so far were nothing but an attempt from the pit of hell to keep you away ferom what God has in store for you.

Child of God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO HIM WHO BELIEVES! There are simply no two ways about it. Believe it now child of God and you will experience this upward move! God CANNOT lie nor fail!

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