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: I JOHN 1:1-12

It is our faith that has won the victory against the world. So who wins against the world? Only those who believe that Jesus is the Son of God. I John 1:5 ]ERV]

Since after the Fall, the whole world has been under the control of the evil one. He uses it to truncate God’s plan for us, dislocate and disposes us in other to accomplish his evil agenda. Since sin, the world and the evil one are more powerful than mortals, left on our own we’ll be nothing but mere puppets in the hands of the evil one. 
However, our text says there’s hope for the hopeless, a panacea to the  rampaging and ravaging of sin, the world and the evil one. This panacea is in what Jesus Christ did. Therefore, whoever believes that Jesus is the son of God, has faith and whoever has faith, receives the victory of Jesus over the world, sin, and the evil one. Whoever has this victory also has victory over all the effects of the victory of the evil one over Adam. 
On this premise, the Lord declared *all things are possible to whoever believes*. When the Lord said all things, He means all things. No matter how terrible your marriage, health, finances, relationship with God or with family and friends may be, they’re all part of the world and effects of the Fall. Your faith in the Lord Jesus gives you victory over them. The degree you believe, is the degree of victory you’ll experience. You have a guaranteed victory in Christ Jesus through faith. 
Grace upon grace!

Team Treasure


READ: LUKE 2:25-33

For my eyes have seen your salvation. Luke 2:30 ESV

Salvation is the redemption, setting free, saving or deliverance from sin and it’s consequences; Preservation from bondage, danger, destruction, difficulty, evil or failure. 
Our text reveals Simeon’s testimony of the Salvation of the Lord personified. Being moved and guided by the Holy Spirit, he came to the right place at the right time and was saved from continuing to wait, as he was able to see the Salvation of God, a fulfillment of His promise to him. 
Beloved, for you to experience salvation in any area of your life, you must have an encounter with Jesus Christ who’s salvation personified. You must hear of the salvation before you can see it with your eyes of faith. You must see the salvation God planned and promised you, with your eyes of faith, because what you don’t see through the eyes faith, you cannot experience or see with your physical eyes. Whatever you don’t see through the eyes of faith, you cannot believe, what you don’t believe you cannot experience. Start seeing, believing and experiencing today. 
Grace upon grace!

Team Treasure


READ: MARK 14: 1-9 

Some of the followers there saw this. They were upset and complained to each other. They said, “Why waste that perfume? Mark 14:4 ERV
A waste is using something valuable in a way that is too much or that’s considered unnecessary, unproductive and ineffective. 
Our text reveals a woman’s “wasteful” action being condemned by the disciples, but amazingly encouraged and defended by the Lord. Generally waste is not encouraged by the Him, but amazingly here, He not only supports but also encourages it to the dismay of His disciples. 
Beloved, God has given you something of great value that He longs for you to beautifully waste on Him. Until you waste and lavish what He has given you on Him, He’ll not waste and lavish that which He has on you. It was only when Solomon wasted and lavished the animals in worship of God, that He lavished and wasted wisdom, wealth. It was when the widow lavished her mite on Him, that He lavished encomiums on her. Lavish and waste your time, praise and worship, money, strength, etc on Him now without consultation and He’ll sure lavish all He has on you too!  
Grace upon grace! 

Team Treasure

The Narrow Door 

READ: LUKE 13:22-30

“The door to heaven is narrow. Try hard to enter it. Many people will want to enter there, but they will not be able to go in. Luke 13:24 ERV

A narrow door is literally a door that fat, big and wide things or people cannot easily be passed through. It invariably takes a lot of sacrifices and discipline to pass through it. 
Our text describes the door to heaven as a being narrow, which implies, it’s a difficult door that serious handwork is needed to be able to go through it. It says: try hard to enter through the narrow door that opens the way to heaven! Many people will try to enter there, but they will not be able. The hard work in question here is nothing but obedience to the Lord. Obedience is regarded as hard work because human nature is resistant to submission which is the demonstration of obedience. 
Beloved, heaven is a prepared peaceful place,  God’s home, where all no pain, tear, sin or suffering can exist. Figuratively, it’s a state of having every desire and dream met. God has made every provision for your all round peace. However, you can neither experience this peace nor  qualify to literally enter into heaven until you discipline yourself and be obedient to God. Your obedience to God will very often than not lead to difficulty, pain and suffering, which are satanic roadblocks to scare you away; but whoever overcomes, is greatly rewarded by the Lord! 
Grace upon grace! 

Team Treasure


READ: PSALM 18:1-19

He bowed the heavens and came down; thick darkness was under His feet. Psalms 18:3‭, ‬9 ESV
The concept of bringing God down could sound odd and impossible, however bringing God down is simply bringing Him into our situation and causing His delivering power to be felt and experienced in it. 
Our text shows the Psalmist testifying that God tore open the sky and came down into His situation, because he called to Him and cried out for help. Note the following: Until God came into the situation of the Psalmist nothing changed, but when He did everything changed. Although God was aware of the situation, He did nothing until the cry and call of the Psalmist got to Him. 
Beloved, you’ll always have situations beyond your control. God is awaiting for you to do that which He cannot do, invite Himself to such situations. The moment you do, He bows the heavens, steps in and takes over, to do that which you cannot do for yourself. Call to Him now, no matter the situation and watch Him tear open the sky and come down to save you. 
Grace upon grace! 

Team Treasure


​READ: MATTHEW 1:18-25
“The virgin will be pregnant and will give birth to a son. They will name Him Immanuel.” (Immanuel means “God with us.”) Matthew 1:23 ERV
You may be surprised to be reading this message now. It’s supposed to be a Christmas message, but as a messenger, what has been instructed must be delivered. 
From the lips of the angel Immanuel simply means God is with His chosen and obedient people and His presence is the guarantee of their salvation. Immanuel has only one business which is saving God’s people from their sin and it’s consequences. This is possible because whoever He’s with, is clothed with His righteousness, desires, abundance, health, power and victory! 
Beloved, Immanuel said I’m with you always even to the end of the ages. As long as you’re obedient to Me, you’ll bear fruit, as long as you bear fruit you’ll stay connected to Me; and as long as you are connected to Me everything I have is available to you and can be yours just for the asking! He’s presence doesn’t spell absence of challenges and trials, rather victory over every challenge and trial. The God who did the impossible for your salvation then, will still do every impossible thing for your salvation today. Therefore whatever you are passing through, water or fire, fear not, be of good cheer, you’re already victorious, because Immanuel is with you! 
Grace upon grace!

Team Treasure

Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, so now, not only as in my presence but much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, Philippians 2:12 ESV

Salvation is state of being saved from danger or destruction, power of evil or sin and it’s effects. It’s a state of being secure and at total peace. 

Our text reveals that salvation can only be experienced when an individual works it out. Paul said: continue to work out your salvation. The working out of salvation is the obedient actions to the Word of God that activates the salvation paid and provided by Jesus Christ. These obedient actions are the expression of a person’s faith.  

Beloved, your salvation in whatever you encounter or will encounter, has already been paid for and freely provided by Jesus Christ. However, your degree of obedience to the Word is directly proportional to the degree of salvation you’ll experience. Invariably your salvation is dependent on your obedience. For instance when the Word says go you’re healed, experiencing healing will be dependent on your believing and obeying what you heard. So get the word and obey it today, through the power of God for your salvation.

Grace upon grace! 

Team Treasure

So if we say that we share in life with God, but we continue living in darkness, we are liars, who don’t follow the truth. 1 John 1:6 ERV
 A shared life is a life lived in sync with the One it’s shared, in this context God. The Light of God is the life of God. It’s the totality and fullness of God, because every other attribute of God is embedded in the Light of God. So in a sense the Light of God is what makes God who He is.
Our text addresses those who are intimately connected to, and are sharing the life of God. It reveals we cannot share the life of, be intimately connected to, or joined together with God and remain the same. Invariably all who’re intimately connected to God cannot continue to stumble around in the darkness of sin and satanic schemes, neither can others stumbling in such darkness thrive around them, because they have the life, power, victory, peace and joy of God in them. 
Beloved, you cannot have the Light of God in you and continue to live in sin. When you have the Light of God in you, you have His joy, peace, power, prosperity and victory. You cannot stumble in the darkness of sin, neither can those around you, because you are intimately connected to and have a shared life with God. Your shared life with God grants you access to everything He has, therefore you cannot lack anything good says the Psalmist (23:1; 34:10) nor be stopped by anything says Isaiah 40:4. 
Grace upon grace! 

*Team Treasure*

The presence of the King is everything, and determines who you’re and will be. It is the place where the whole authority lies. The king always holds the four aces. He holds the sceptre of leadership. What he says, declares, no one can object to or oppose. it must surely come the pass. Favour with the King spells favour indeed from and with almost everyone, for no one will want to be out of favour with the King. Friendship of the king spells friendship with all or at worst no overt opposition; It spells security and protection, strength and prosperity, restoration of EVERYTHING the enemy stole, cunningly and subtly or violently took away from you! It guarantees a remedying of your blunders! This is very true in all phases, realms and spheres of life- both in the natural or physical  and spiritual dimensions or world!!!

Naturally, friendship with a president or monarch guarantees access to to his presence always. The mere knowledge of your friendship with the president or monarch which guarantees access to his presence will keep away many enemies who won’t want to incur the wrath of the monarch or president by offending or opposing you. If you had been unjustly treated by any one in the past, if you had lost your right, inheritance or possession to anyone before acquiring  the friendship, before gaining access to the presence of the King or president; if you had been taunted and ridiculed in the past, even if you had been judged and condemned to death, if your case had been classified as hopeless and closed, if you have been written off by the authorities that be,  just one moment in the presence of the King will turn everything around on your behalf!

You don’t really need to know the King personally for you to obtain the his favours and for  things to turn around on your behalf; All you need is Someone who knows the King or  someone who knows Someone who knows the King and is willing to take you before the King! Right in the presence of the King, rules are made and remade; it is where the whole authority lies! The King has the last say on every matter! Without His consent nothing gets done! This is a principle that cuts across the realms of the natural and supernatural!

History is strewn with proofs of the great advantage the kings presence confers on a person or group of persons. Biblically, the whole nation of Israel or the Jewish race was saved from total annihilation simply because a Jewess, Esther gained access into the king’s presence! The woman caught in adultery was supposed to be stoned to death by law, but right there in the presence of the King- Jesus, she obtained favour and  mercy which brought her pardon instead of condemnation. The Shunamite woman in 2Kings 8:5, had every of her possession restored to her the moment she had access into the Kings presence after many years. Before now she received a son and when the devil stole the son by death, she received him back because she came before the King of  kings through Elijah. Ziba a mere servant to Mephiboset in the house of Saul was raised to the status of a son and received the inheritance of a son because he found himself before King David. see 2Samuel 16:1-4. The children of Israel were freed from slavery because Moses gained access into the presence of the Lord God and Pharoah.

Countless miracles had been received through prayers, which is simply the result of gaining access into the presence of the King of Glory Jesus! Because you’re reading this, is simply an evidence the Lord is ready to change your story, He’s ready to do great things in your life; He is ready to show you great favours you cannot imagine! A restoration is about to take place in your life! This article is your link into the presence of the King of kings and Lord of Lords! Don’t you keep quiet before Him. Open wide your mouth now and tell HIM all you want Him to do!!!!!!

You’re blessed!

Serving Jesus!

Those who serve me must follow me. My servants will be with me wherever I am.If people serve me, the Father will honor them”. John 12:26 GW To serve Jesus simply put is to be with Jesus where He was, where He  is and where He will be; to see, think, speak and act like Jesus! The servant of Jesus must follow Jesus wherever He is. Following Jesus means you’ll do the things Jesus does in the way or ways He does them! You’ll see things Jesus sees in the way He sees them; think about and analyse things in the same way that Jesus do think  and analyse them. This can only be possible when Jesus’ nature has been transferred to and formed in you, in other words when you have become transformed by Jesus’ nature! Jesus’ nature can only be formed in you or you become transformed by His nature after you have spent quality time with Him! Spending quality time with Jesus means you’re following Jesus wherever He is found!

He was first  found a manger depicting humility and lowliness! Every servant of His must be humble and low in spirit! Whoever humbles himself the lord exalts! Humility is the ONLY way up! Because Jesus humbled Himself, God highly exalted Him and gave Him a name above all names!

Jesus was next found on the streets as we heard Him declare “foxes have holes and birds have nests, but the Son of  Man have no where to lay His head, meaning He spent the best of His time and life on the streets evangelizing.

After the streets of Jerusalem, Jesus was found unfortunate though it may seem, but gloriously it was , at Calvary on the Cross. There He had to die His will, desires, and opinion. He had to sacrifice everything for the will of the Father. He called and is still calling His servants to lay down all their wills and ways for the Father’s! Though it wasn’t very easy and comfortable to Me He says, but He assures as I found it most rewarding and glorious even so much you! As the Father strengthened Me through an angel, I have given you more than an angel, the Holy Spirit to strengthen and enable you crucify your self, sin and will at the cross and leave them there crucified!

Hallelujah, Jesus didn’t end up on the cross nor in the grave.  He was buried signifying the disappearance of the old man, He also resurrected signifying the victory over sin, the grave and death! Every servant of Jesus must have victory over the world , flesh, sin and the grave! You cannot be His servant and still be under the control of the flesh, the world and sin. You must live victoriously, triumphantly and gloriously if you’re His servant indeed!

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