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The presence of the King is everything, and determines who you’re and will be. It is the place where the whole authority lies. The king always holds the four aces. He holds the sceptre of leadership. What he says, declares, no one can object to or oppose. it must surely come the pass. Favour with the King spells favour indeed from and with almost everyone, for no one will want to be out of favour with the King. Friendship of the king spells friendship with all or at worst no overt opposition; It spells security and protection, strength and prosperity, restoration of EVERYTHING the enemy stole, cunningly and subtly or violently took away from you! It guarantees a remedying of your blunders! This is very true in all phases, realms and spheres of life- both in the natural or physical  and spiritual dimensions or world!!!

Naturally, friendship with a president or monarch guarantees access to to his presence always. The mere knowledge of your friendship with the president or monarch which guarantees access to his presence will keep away many enemies who won’t want to incur the wrath of the monarch or president by offending or opposing you. If you had been unjustly treated by any one in the past, if you had lost your right, inheritance or possession to anyone before acquiring  the friendship, before gaining access to the presence of the King or president; if you had been taunted and ridiculed in the past, even if you had been judged and condemned to death, if your case had been classified as hopeless and closed, if you have been written off by the authorities that be,  just one moment in the presence of the King will turn everything around on your behalf!

You don’t really need to know the King personally for you to obtain the his favours and for  things to turn around on your behalf; All you need is Someone who knows the King or  someone who knows Someone who knows the King and is willing to take you before the King! Right in the presence of the King, rules are made and remade; it is where the whole authority lies! The King has the last say on every matter! Without His consent nothing gets done! This is a principle that cuts across the realms of the natural and supernatural!

History is strewn with proofs of the great advantage the kings presence confers on a person or group of persons. Biblically, the whole nation of Israel or the Jewish race was saved from total annihilation simply because a Jewess, Esther gained access into the king’s presence! The woman caught in adultery was supposed to be stoned to death by law, but right there in the presence of the King- Jesus, she obtained favour and  mercy which brought her pardon instead of condemnation. The Shunamite woman in 2Kings 8:5, had every of her possession restored to her the moment she had access into the Kings presence after many years. Before now she received a son and when the devil stole the son by death, she received him back because she came before the King of  kings through Elijah. Ziba a mere servant to Mephiboset in the house of Saul was raised to the status of a son and received the inheritance of a son because he found himself before King David. see 2Samuel 16:1-4. The children of Israel were freed from slavery because Moses gained access into the presence of the Lord God and Pharoah.

Countless miracles had been received through prayers, which is simply the result of gaining access into the presence of the King of Glory Jesus! Because you’re reading this, is simply an evidence the Lord is ready to change your story, He’s ready to do great things in your life; He is ready to show you great favours you cannot imagine! A restoration is about to take place in your life! This article is your link into the presence of the King of kings and Lord of Lords! Don’t you keep quiet before Him. Open wide your mouth now and tell HIM all you want Him to do!!!!!!

You’re blessed!

Serving Jesus!

Those who serve me must follow me. My servants will be with me wherever I am.If people serve me, the Father will honor them”. John 12:26 GW To serve Jesus simply put is to be with Jesus where He was, where He  is and where He will be; to see, think, speak and act like Jesus! The servant of Jesus must follow Jesus wherever He is. Following Jesus means you’ll do the things Jesus does in the way or ways He does them! You’ll see things Jesus sees in the way He sees them; think about and analyse things in the same way that Jesus do think  and analyse them. This can only be possible when Jesus’ nature has been transferred to and formed in you, in other words when you have become transformed by Jesus’ nature! Jesus’ nature can only be formed in you or you become transformed by His nature after you have spent quality time with Him! Spending quality time with Jesus means you’re following Jesus wherever He is found!

He was first  found a manger depicting humility and lowliness! Every servant of His must be humble and low in spirit! Whoever humbles himself the lord exalts! Humility is the ONLY way up! Because Jesus humbled Himself, God highly exalted Him and gave Him a name above all names!

Jesus was next found on the streets as we heard Him declare “foxes have holes and birds have nests, but the Son of  Man have no where to lay His head, meaning He spent the best of His time and life on the streets evangelizing.

After the streets of Jerusalem, Jesus was found unfortunate though it may seem, but gloriously it was , at Calvary on the Cross. There He had to die His will, desires, and opinion. He had to sacrifice everything for the will of the Father. He called and is still calling His servants to lay down all their wills and ways for the Father’s! Though it wasn’t very easy and comfortable to Me He says, but He assures as I found it most rewarding and glorious even so much you! As the Father strengthened Me through an angel, I have given you more than an angel, the Holy Spirit to strengthen and enable you crucify your self, sin and will at the cross and leave them there crucified!

Hallelujah, Jesus didn’t end up on the cross nor in the grave.  He was buried signifying the disappearance of the old man, He also resurrected signifying the victory over sin, the grave and death! Every servant of Jesus must have victory over the world , flesh, sin and the grave! You cannot be His servant and still be under the control of the flesh, the world and sin. You must live victoriously, triumphantly and gloriously if you’re His servant indeed!

Let My People Go!

Let My People Go!.

This is what the Lord God of Israel says, let my people go…. Exodus 5:1

Times and seasons are indespensible commodities in the Kingdom economy. They form part of , if not the most valuable and essential commodity in the Kingdom. This is so because God can do nothing out of season. He always have to wait for  the appointed time to act, and nothing happens until God does or sets them in motion!

Before Israel became slaves in Egypt, God had announced their years of slavery to Abraham and also their subsequent deliverance. When the apponted time and season for deliverance came, nothing could stop it. Prior to this time, every attempt, like we saw Moses doing, to free the Israelites proved abortive and a waste of resources.

In Exodus 5, because the appointed time had come, because it was their season for deliverance, God announced to Pharoah through Moses, ‘Let my people go…”!!!!!! That year was their year of release; it was a season for a new beginning and new things; The Lord had to annouce to Pharoah let my people go!  This year is the beginning of another season of great release, it is the beginning of a new thing in the spirit realm. Take this one clue, it is a simple arithmetic, add your age by your birthday this year to  the last two digits of the year you were born, whoever you are and whatever your age, your answer will be either 11 or 111. The implication of this is very simply. Everyone on earth is marching towards one eleven or another. Eleven is the the number of new beginning, both in the physical and spiritual realm.

Just like at the appointed time God annouced to Pharoah of old, let my people go, because their season arrived, God has annouced and is annoucing to every Pharoah in your life that had held you captive, all that had limited you from being all that God designed you to be; all that had withstood God’s purposes and plans for you; all that had stood against your loved ones; all that had made a dwarf of you in the spiritual and physical realm, all that had stood against your wealth and health,  “let my people go”!!!

You have a role to playand must have to play it, to experience this realization of this! You must believe the Lord and His servant bringing you the message of salvation, just like Israel; failure to do this will translate to not experiencing the salvation of the Lord. You must also keep believing even when the circumstances and situations around you seem to contradict the Word of the Lord and His promise to you, else you wont get to the Promised Land; you wont experience the salvation of the Lord!

It is your season, it is your time! Rise up child of God and believe the Word of the Lord and experience the goodness of the Lord today!

Dreams come from three main sources- God, devil and self. Of these three only one is certain sure and guaranteed: dreams that have its origin in God. God induced dreams could as well pass for visions, because they’re not mere dreams, but revelations of deep significance. God induced dreams are very important and vital for the well being, progress, success and prosperity of the dreamer. The absence of God induced dreams spells doom in an individual’s life because “where there is no dream [vision], the people perish”

God induced dreams are only available to those who have a relationship with Him, who remain in His presence. Outside His presence exists no God induced dream. Only obedience gives an individual access to His presence. This obedience must be complete and continuous for God induced dreams to keep coming and be fulfilled! A breach in the obedience off or terminates acceptance in His presence, which invariably translates to the termination and cessation or suspension of the dream!

God ordained dreams and visions must NOT be shared with every available person. It is meant for a select  few, therefore discretion must be applied in sharing it! It will certainly bring about hatred and more hatred! Dream hijackers and destroyers will readily be available to abort your God given dreams if you share it prematurely and their potentiality of  success is very high! Joseph shared his dreams prematurely and it brought him much hatred! But the good news is even though it brought him much envy and hatred  BUT the God who uses EVERYTHING that happens in the believers life for his good went to work and still brought out good out of it! No matter the mistake(s) you have made or will make God is still able and will certainly turn them into your good, says Romans8:28.

Dreams from God has to pass a period of time before it comes to maturation. Child of God learn to wait!!!! Joseph waited a very long time, your God given dreams may simply not seem to be working out, don’t despair, it will surely come to pass. Just wait for its appointed time! trials , challenges, etc will surely be encountered while pursuing your God given dreams, but God will always supply you with the strength to overcome and triumph in them. All you need is patience and continued obedience. Dream on Child of God!!!!

There is absolutely nothing that is or can be impossible to whoever that has faith! With your faith you can literally move mountains, scale through wall, receive miracles of all sorts, change destinies, transform lives, experience the manifestation of any conceivable dream and vision. You can bring into existence in-existent things, after all that’s what God does and called you also to do! By faith all that is in heaven can be yours; all that God has can actually be yours, you can experience heaven here on earth!

Health, wealth, strength, and victory are always available to whoever that has faith! Faith is a gift of God that can only be received by obedience to the Word. Of a truth, faith comes by the hearing of the Word of God; whoever every Word heard that lacks the accompanying obedience will be unproductive and useless to the hearer! The degree of faith a person has is not the most important thing, but what is done with the faith a person has! A faith a tiny as the mustard seed Jesus said will accomplish unimaginable great things!

Whatever is gotten by faith has also to be sustained by faith! You must keep believing to continue to experience the favors, mercies and goodness of God! Faith always runs contrary to human expectations and feelings! Faith always translates to foolishness before human wisdom and standard! However whoever has faith is always victorious and triumphant! Faith negates human expertise! It operates on the spoken Word, derives its power from obedience to the spoken Word!

Wisdom: Key to Divine Security!

My son if yo take my Words to heart and treasure my commands within you, if you pay close attention to wisdom and let your mind reach for understanding …then you wil understand the fear of the Lord Proverbs 2:1-5


Every effort of humankind can be classified into one level or form of quest for security or another. People seek economic, financial, marital, academic, social, food,or health security almost on a daily basis! Unfortunately this quest do prove abortive at one time or another which accounts for the loss of health and sometimes life, lost of investments, famine of food scarcity, marital or relationship breakdown etc. These are so because these efforts are human, and are bound to be unstable and fallible because humankind is unstable and undependable.

HOWEVER there is a security that is and will always remain stable, trusted,guaranteed and can be relied upon any moment any day! This security encompasses all other forms of security. It is a comprehensive security. It is none other than Divine Security! This is the security that comes from the Lord and none other.

From creation to date and till all eternity, the desire, will, plan and purpose of God for humankind has always been for humanity to be secured and experience all security! the fact that most people are either ignorant of this or are not experiencing it does not in any way change it! This truth is fixed and settled, and as many as are that are aware of it and desire it do experience it.

Wisdom simply means the understanding of the plans and purposes of God. This understanding when applied is the only thing that can give a guaranteed security to humankind. This operates in a chain: wisdom produces knowledge; knowledge produces understanding; understanding produces obedience and obedience produces Divine Security! Once the chain is broken at any point Divine Security is broken and lost!

The Scripture says the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord [reverential obedience to God]! Prov 1:7 . Through wisdom you get a knowledge of the mind of God, when know His mind, then you can understood it, with understanding you can give obedient action. it is your obedience that guarantees your security. Remember the obedience must not be selective BUT comprehensive!

You’re blessed and destined to be secure!



You’re Blessed !!

“All the nations of the earth will be blessed by your offspring” Genesis 22:18

Blessedness is synonymous with humanity or being human! The Scripture reveals that without humanity there won’t have been any need for blessings. It was only after the creation of humankind that God spoke the first blessing. The Scripture said “God blessed them and said Have Many children and grow in number.Fill the earth and be its Master. Rule over the fish in the sea and over the the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth” Genesis 1:28

This, which is theologically is regarded as the Adamic blessing has been the mother of all blessings, the first, the basic, the foundation of all blessings. There’s and have not been any other better than it. The gravity of this blessing provoked envy among the angels! It was so attractive that Lucifer could not contain it; so he set out to rob humankind of this blessing, which resulted to the Fall!

The Fall took humankind away from the channel of God’s blessings; it dislocated and dis-positioned him! Because God cannot exist without loving and because love naturally produces and bestows blessings, God went back to work, to bring back humankind to a bless-able state and position! There’s none other of the creations of God worthy of His blessings than humankind! This explains why God had to take the pain to send His Only Son Jesus Christ to ezarth to restore humankind to a bless-able state!

Every other blessing before the coming of Christ in the Scripture, was only an attempt to restore the Adamic blessing! Unfortunatetly, this restoration was never achieved until Christ! Even the Abrahamic blessing was a mere foreshadow of what Christ will do! This Seed referred to in the passage was simply Christ! it is only in Him, through Him and by Him, could and would the all the nations of the earth, the seed of Adam, be blessed! What humankind lost in the Garden of Eden, was restored in the Garden of Gethsemane; it was here that Christ decided fully to die a sacrificial death!

As many and only those who goes to the Cross of Calvary with Jesus by faith will have access to this restored Adamic blessings! You may not presently have evidence of the restored blessings, it does not negate the fact that once you’re in Christ, the Adamic blessings have been restored to you! Maybe ignorance and lack of Faith could be keeping you from your blessings! God has given you ALL that pertains to life and godliness! God has given you everything He owns! All His resources have been abundantly provided for you! Call them into existence by faith as God did according to Romans 4:16,17, where He calls things that are NOT in existence as though they do exist; Whether it is your marriage, children, business, finances, spirituality, salvation of a loved one, whatever it be! They’re all just under your nose as a child of the Kingdom!


Keep what is good and stay away from EVERYTHING that is evil. 1Thessalonians 5:21,22

God has given and keeps giving us good things. After  the creation He saw all that He has made and declared them very good!In the Garden of Eden, He gave Adam and Eve the GOOD gift of everything they needed. They lacked NOTHING good! Through His servant David He promised NO GOOD thing will He withhold from those who fear Him.  However we don’t always experience the GOOD He promised or has given. The devil robs us of it and takes it away. At the Garden, devil robbed Adam and Eve the GOOD relationship between them and God, the  environment, state of Divine provision and health! All that was associated with the Garden!

David had a good relationship with God and the devil came up with the case of Uriah to rob him of this GOOD relationship. Once there is any GOOD thing in your life, be prepared for the devil will always show up! He hates good things and CANNOT have them! He once tasted the goodness of God and lost it, therefore he doesn’t want any other being to experience or have it! Satan relentlessly fights against anything good! You must therefore hold fast, keep that which is good that you have! Devil may show up through people around you to challenge the good you have! They may criticize you as being too strict in order to destroy the good discipline you are inculcating into your children, the good of your morality and chastity could be sought to be destroyed  by calling you names, the GOOD use of your money and involvement in Church activities could be also be attacked!The good you have may be in helping others with your resources, it could be passion for the lost, it could as well be in the  intercessory ministry, they certainly will face some attempt to destroy them as long as they are good! No mater what, Keep the good you have! Don’t bulge an inch!

The good you have could be protected and kept safe only through one means- KEEP away from everything evil! Evil robs you of your divine intent! Everything God plans for you will be destroyed and denied you by evil! The blessings of a great spouse and good family will be destroyed by the evil of adultery, the blessings of prayer will be destroyed and denied you by sin! If you will NOT abstain from evil, if you won’t overcome it, then be rest assured that EVERY blessing that God has in store for you, ALL that He intends to do for you and has given you will be forever lost by you!

Are you hungering for the goodness of God, are you hungering for God’s blessings in your life, then ABSTAIN from evil, and be obedient to God’s commands, that’s the only way to keep the good He has given in your life and to  attract many more!


Have you ever wondered why many people will flock to some individuals and others people will even detest them?  Have you wonder why the Scripture said a time will come when 10 men will cling unto an Israeli, a Jew and insist to go with him wherever? Well if your guess was Influence, you guessed right!

Spiritual Israelites  are the sons and daughters of Abraham by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. These are endowed with the great potential of radically influencing their world and everything around them! Like Jesus has so great an influence over the world and will continue in the same till eternity, even so all God’s children by adoption should! However most of God’s children either do not have any influence or do not exercise it or still do not know about it.

Friend you can only transform the world through the power of the Holy Spirit latent in you. When this Power is released through Holy living , faithfulness and devotedness to God, greater things than Jesus did, will be done by the His disciples Jesus promised. When the power of the Holy Spirit is demonstrated, people will be attracted to the channel, when people are attracted to the channel, they will be directed to Jesus, when they’re directed to Jesus, needs and challenges will be met, when needs and challenges are met, salvation has come!!

What kind of influence are you, Positive or negative!?

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